Welcome to the Homepage of Ricardo Choo Xia Xi.  Ricardo graduated from NUS Arts & Social Sciences faculty in 1999.  He has been studying different aspects of Chinese Astrology. The scope of his knowledge encompasses the Four Pillars of Destiny, Divination by the Coin Oracle and Geomancy (Fengshui) and Chinese Name Analysis.

He studied under various masters in Taiwan and China, has been invited as guest appearances with Da Kaoshiung Broadcast Station (Taiwan) and Razor TV offering live I-Ching Coin Divination Services and Fengshui opinions.  His articles were featured in newspapers as well as Dubai Property Weekly (one of the highest property magazine in circulation in Dubai).

He is also the founding committee for Society of Paranormal Investigators, Singapore.  He has been offering advice from Fengshui point of view during site investigations.

Currently, he provides the following services:

1.  Geomancy for Home and Commercial Buildings
2.  Divination by the I-Ching Coin Oracle
3.  Selection of Auspicious Names
4.  Selection of Auspicious Dates for Events (Weddings, Collection of New Car etc)
5.  “Past Life, Present Life, You and I”

服 务 范 围  :

1.  家 居 与 办 公 室 风 水
2.  卜 卦 问 事
3.  择 选 佳 名
4.  择 选 佳 日 (合婚造课,索取新车等)
5.  前 生 今 世 述 情 怀

以 上 服 务 皆 由 新 加 坡 国 立 大 学 文 学 士 朱 峡 希 老 师 提 供 。 欢 迎 致 电 9363 8602询 问 或 预 约 。