‘Past Life, Present Life, You and I’

Have you wondered how was someone related to you in one of your past life? 

Have you found that you are so bonded with someone that he or she is so supportive of you till the extent that you cannot explain why?

Have you felt that you ‘owed’ someone emotional debts that you are continuing repaying?

In your current life, they can be your loved ones, children, teacher, bosses or even enemies.  But who are they in one of your previous life?  Are they here to repay ‘debts’or to collect unpaid ‘debts’.

‘Past Life, Present Life, You and I’ uses the 27 charts of the Vedic Astrology method to determine two current person’s past life relationship.  It is commonly used by couples, siblings, business partners, parent and child to have a deeper understanding on the course of actions which one party undertakes on the other.

Service fee at S$188/- with report to show past life connections and explanation by Master Ricardo Choo.

(Note: Year, Month, day and Time of Birth for both parties are required)

前 世 今 生 述 情 怀 :

叙 述 您 与 他 (她 ) 之 前 世 或 曾 经 一 世 之 关 系 。 二 人 是 否 曾 是 夫 妻 , 亲 友 , 敌 人 ? 是 否 共 同 身 亡 。 今 生 是 来 还 债 或 是 来 讨 债 ? 将 您 俩 今 生 关 系 从 前 世 角 度 来 作 探 讨。

收 费 S$188 元 , 付 精 美 报 告 以 及 由 朱 老 师 亲 自 解 说 。

(注 : 需 二 人 出 生 年 月 日 时 )