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Selection of Auspicious Names

When a person died, his great works are accredited to his name, just like when a leopard died, the great value is left on it’s skin.

The name of a person is very important as it helps one to be identified as well as to differentiate one from others.  The Chinese calculates the strokes for a Chinese name with the strokes and elements based on “The Great 5 Categories and 81 Stokes Movements”

A good Chinese name will need to fulfill the following factors:

  1. Favorable Categories (at least 3 out of the 5 category components)
  1. Compromise the essential elements that the person requires
  1. Fit into the Zodiac Sign of that person.

Many masters can fulfill the first condition as it is generally very easy to master the calculation of the strokes as well as checking out which are the good and bad stoke combination.

For the second criteria, the master needs the knowledge of Chinese element theory (bazhi) which they needs to analyse the year, month, day and time of birth to determine the essential elements and how to use them in the names.  Hence, if someone helps you or your child to select or analyse the name without mentioning about the elements or obtaining the birth details, usually this criteria is missed out.

The third criteria is usually neglected by many people including some masters specializing in naming of newborns.  It is to consider how the word used affects the zodiac sign of that person.  For example, a person born in the year of ox has to avoid names or characters with the word sun such as in 明,春, 景 (with the character日 in these words).  This is because an ox will have to work in fields once the sun rises.

Different characters can enhance different zodiac signs likewise some characters can harm some zodiac signs.  See examples below:

For people born in the year of Rat: To avoid words with 仁,伟, (as with 人 ‘people’ since people will chase after rat upon seeing them)

For people born in the year of Dragon: To avoid words with 瑞, 峻, (as dragon should not be entrapped in mountains)

In addition to the above factors, the name also needs to sound decent, easy to pronounce and easy for others to call.

Naming of newborns by Master Ricardo Choo is at S$188/- with a report on the meaning of the combinations, suitable colors, elements, subjects etc (can choose to have explanation in English or Chinese) plus a brief face-to-face explanation.  At least 5 sets and above of names will be given for selection.

Changing of names for adults at S$288/- with at least 5 sets of names given for selection and advice on suitable colors, elements, activities etc.