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Over the years, fengshui articles written by or interviewed with Ricardo Choo have appeared in various newspapers and magazines including: Oriental Daily (Malaysia), Dubai Property Weekly (One of the highest circulation magazine on Property in U.A.E).  Subjects discussed include the prosperity of Dubai with the help of fengshui and using fengshui to aid in paranormal investigations.

Click here to read the article for Dubai Property Weekly Issue No. 185

Click here to read the article for Oriental Daily (Malaysia)


For other readings on Fengshui Landmarks in Singapore, you can refer to my publication "Exploring Fengshui Landmarks in Singapore". The book explains the following context on the buildings and landmarks in Singapore pertaining to the Fengshui Point of View.

Buildings and iconic symbols that you see in Singapore, do you know the fengshui
aspects of them?

- In the financial district, the structure of Republic Plaza (benefits) people born in the month of January, November and December. Why is it so? Is this building built purposely on fengshui elements to enhance the owner’s property business?-

- Which office building in the Central Business District (CBD) boosts the occupants’ charisma and attractiveness? What are the pros and cons of working in such buildings?

- You may have been to Haw Par Villa. Do you know about its rise and fall? Why is it so from the fengshui’s point of view?

- What can you tell your friends about Sentosa besides being a sunny island with an integrated resort and sight seeing spots? Why does the Merlion statue in Sentosa has its back facing Singapore island?

- Why are Millennium and Centennial Towers built side-by-side in this design? How does this design enhance the businesses of the occupants?

- Is Park View Square deliberately built to ward off The Gateway in terms of fengshui structure?

- The three hotels in Marina Square district, how do they maintain competitiveness with the aid of their exterior design from the fengshui perspective?

- How does the tomb of Chua Seah Neo (daughter-in-law) bring about wealth and prosperity to their descendants?

- Singapore largest tomb of the late Ong Sam Leong, why does it benefit his extended family members and not immediate family members?

All the answers to the above questions can all be found in this publication. One of the most comprehensive books ever written on the fengshui landmarks in Singapore revealing the untold fengshui secrets behind these landlands.

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