I-Ching coin divination originates from the Book of Changes (I-Ching), which is currently one of the easiest and most accurate methods use for divination

The Hexagram (Ba Gua) begins as early during the Fu Xi time, later popularizes and modified during the Han Dynasty.

For the method of the Coin Oracle, 3 coins are used, tossed six times where each toss indicates a yin or yang line that corresponds to the Hexagram in I-Ching. The six toss in turn form a Hexagram where messages could be read, in addition to other moving lines, which might change the original identity of the Hexagram.

You may think that tossing the coins 6 times has a low probability in determine an event’s outcome.  But here’s the number of possible combinations that the outcome can be:

One divination consists 2 Hexagrams, each having 6 lines, therefore: 64 combinations

There can be one changed line within any of the 6 lines in the 64 combinations, therefore: 64 x 64 = 4,096 combinations

The divination can be made in any of the 12 months of the year therefore: 12 x 4,096 = 49,152 combination

The divination can be made in any of the 60 heavenly stem and earthly branch combination day (5 elements), which has up to 720 combinations, therefore: 720 x 49,512 = 35,389,440 combinations

Sometimes the earthly branch of the year is added in the analysis (12 zodiac sign earthly branch) therefore forming another: 12 x 35,389,440 = 424,673,280 combinations

The subject inquired can be further broken down into 7 types, therefore forming another 7 x 424,673,280 = 2,972,712,960 combinations

There are 6 types of main classifications in the divination, therefore: 6 x 2,972,712,960 = 17,836,277,760 combinations

There are more than 50 types of sub-categories used to assist to breakdown the results, therefore: 50 x 17,836,277,760 = 891,813,880,000 combinations

As one can see, a toss of 3 coins for six times with the adding in of I-Ching and five elements can result in such vast amount of combination results.  I-Ching coin divination is an easy, yet having wide combination results giving one a sign to choose when in cross paths.

For Example:


A person asking about his career progress in his current company.  Analysis from an I-Ching coin divination is interpreted as follow:

  1. Work is commission based and fix pay is low
  2. Holds authority in current position and able to influence decision making
  3. There are competitors at work to compete for reward recognition
  4. Superior still supports subject
  5. Job is still stable and opportunities for change will only come in 2010 Spring time

Suggestions will also be given to enhance the job and position as well as to get rid of competitors’ actions. Will also provide suggestions to win superiors’ favour and increase the chances of pay rise or bonuses.

I-Ching coin divination services is available on a topic-by-topic basis, each topic at $48 (face to face consultation) or $68 (via email or phone explanations)

Discussion time for a face-to-face consultation is around 30 minutes for one topic.  The topics can range from any areas in life such as career, business, relationship, marriage, children’s studies, health, residence etc (except on lottery or speculation activities)

I-Ching Coin Oracle is by Master Ricardo Choo is by appointments only.  Feel free to call (65) 93638602 for booking or inquiries.

Watch a sample of how I-Ching Coin Divination Oracle is done for TV viewers who call in live here