Geomancy for Residential and Commercial Properties

Fengshui' - the art that provides the means of living in harmony with the land and surroundings, deriving the greatest prosperity, benefit, at the right place and right time. Presently, there are a few schools of Fengshui that are commonly practiced. Such as:


People are classified into either the Eastern or Western Four House Category according to their year of birth and sex. The Eastern Four House consists of the position of South, North, East and Southeast. The Western Four House consists of the position of Northeast, Southwest, West and Northwest. People belonging to the Eastern House Category are usually advised to have the entrance of their house, bedrooms and kitchens in the easterly direction.


Based on the seven stars of the Dipper plus two nearby stars, the movement chart of the 9 flying stars are drawn and incorporated into the floor plan of a house. The movement (literally known as flying if were to be translated from Chinese) of the stars at particular compass points influences the house and the residents through cosmological forces. The path of the stars are placed either clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on the position of the house.

The visit to a household or commercial property will include the following:

- Brief the basic essential elements of the household members or key personnel in the organization

- check on the external and internal environment including pointing out the wealth, knowledge and career positions for the respective household or management

- determine the best place for bed, stove, workstation etc

- use of strategic positions to speed up promotion, marriage, child birth and even to dissolve lawsuits etc

- selection of auspicious dates via the Magical Door (奇門擇時)  and Purple + White Stars (紫白飛星趨吉) Method to speed up effects of recommended orientation

For new household selections, we will select the best unit for you based on your birth chart as well as the fengshui orientation of the place and inform you of procedures to follow on entering your new residence.


- 周圍環境最為重要,依向山對照,四面最高點所形成的旺煞來論吉凶。

- 個人及合夥人如何配合,陽宅內部的門向、床位、爐灶、辦公桌…等。

- 公司、工廠、住家遷居開市或修造如何利用有力之時間空間來趨吉避凶。

- 本人所用秘法為: 1.奇門擇時 , 2.紫白飛星趨吉 。 可奪天地之旺氣,此二種方法又可用於出行或商賈等。


Fengshui services for residential and commercial properties by Master Ricardo Choo are by appointments only.  Feel free to call (65) 93638602 for booking or inquiries.  Take note that we do not need you to go through extensive renovation or wall hacking.  Also, no purchases of any fengshui symbolic display items are necessary.