date selection  

Selection of Auspicious Dates for Events
(Weddings, Collection of New Car, New Birth etc)

There is a Chinese saying, “A Good Beginning is already half of the Success Results”. 

The starting date and time of an event can be an important factor to determine it’s future performance, success, outcome etc.  Just like the birthday and time of a child is used to determine his elements and predict his future, tune it according to what suits him or her.

Many countries great successful events can be traced back to their National Day (birthday of the country).  People have been known to select dates to start an event, be it starting of a new job, business or collecting of a new car.

The dates selected are not only based on auspicious days but it also has to blend into the person’s favorable elements as well as positive directions to ensure in the right time, right place, doing the right things (tian shi di li ren he 天时, 地立, 人和).  Hence, it is necessary that the master who selects the date for the events needs to have a comprehensive knowledge on element theory (bazhi)

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Wedding is the second important event in one’s life apart from graduating from your course of studies.  A suitable date is usually selected to ensure that this date harmonise or supports the elements of the couple especially the bride.

A lot of people has the misconception that a male may not match a female in terms of elements and getting together or getting married may harm or destroys their current fame, wealth or career.

However, if a correct wedding date can be chosen to smooth out any disharmony in the elements, such unpleasant events can be avoided.  For example, if the lady is strong is metal element and the man is strong is wood element (metal destroys wood), a water element date can be chosen to smooth out the impact (Metal give rise to water -> Water gives rise -> to wood)

See Element Cycle Below (Refer to File Element Cycle.pdf)

The Chinese believes all things can be classified into 5 main elements of the universe namely: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth (Soil).  These 5 elements can enhance each other as well as destructs each other.  As such, Metal melts to becomes water, water gives life to wood, wood will burn to keep fire going, fire will burn everything to earth (soil) which is where metal (calcium, zinc, copper, gold) evolves from.

In the destruction cycle, Fire melts Metal, Metal destroys Wood (A Metal Axe chopping down trees), Wood Destroys Earth/Soil (Roots of tree penetrates into Earth/Soil), Earth/Soil destroys water as mud/soil can prevent water flowing and water puts out fire.

The correct wedding date also has to ensure that it does not clash with any of the Zodiac signs of both sides of the parents to ensure good relationship between the bride and the mother-in-law in future.  In the event that a clash date is used due to other more important factors, the master who does the date selection also needs to offer suggestions to ‘absorb’ away the clash.

For selection of wedding dates by Master Ricardo Choo, Birth details of both Bride and Bridegroom are required as well as Birth Year of both parents.  Service Fee for Wedding Date Selection and Matching of Elements for Couples at S$188/-